Reuse - Recycle - Reinvent


Greenjak Inc.

We are located at 240 Salisbury St. in Morenci, MI, just north of the Ohio border. Stop by and check out our facility.

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What we do

Greenjak's mission is to recover usable industrial machinery components that can be reused by other companies at a significant savings. When manufacturing companies are upgrading, discarding out-of-date equipment, or need to get rid of surplus inventory, Greenjak recovers the parts that work and are valuable to other companies.

Who we work with

Manufacturing companies that are closing or getting rid of equipment, and manufacturers, machine builders, repair shops and other part dealers that need hard-to-find parts at a great price.


Some of the old machinery may contain lead, mercury and other items that are harmful to the environment, and we can dispose of it safely. We also make an effort to use recycled packaging for shipping and eco-friendly cleaning products to clean our recovered items.

This site was designed to familiarize our partners, vendors and customers about our unique new business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or new ideas.